Mobi - 革新は何を引き起こすのか?



Mobi - 革新は何を引き起こすのか?





NEMは、日常生活のあらゆる面を変える能力を本当に持っています。 NEMを私のアプリ(Mobi)に統合する2つの理由は、即時決済と手数料を最小限にとどめるためです。従来の第三者による決済ポータルは消費者の要求を把握するに四苦八苦しています。


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Mobi – What Happens When Innovation is Introduced?
BY JULIAN · APRIL 13, 2018

This is a question that has been asked by society every time there is a new innovation that can greatly impact a sound industry. We have the obvious example of the motor vehicle industry when they said they would revolutionise transport. Until then the obvious method to travel was a horse and carriage.

The transition of cars was initially held with backlash from a vast majority as what could replace a horse right? Well, we all know how that went.

Even now as we continue to innovate and invent new products and services there is still the same doubt. Crypto currencies such as NEM have been developed to simply help complement tasks we complete on a daily basis. Understandably there will be losers in this field however to progress and enrich our society we must find improved alternatives.

There are countless examples of how innovation has created such obvious change. As someone who is trying to build my own start up I look forward to have the ability to implement NEM into my business.

NEM has the ability to truly change multiple facets in our day-to-day lives. Two reasons why NEM will be integrated into my app (Mobi) are because of the instantaneous transactions and minimal transaction fees. The traditional formats of third party payment portals have struggled to understand the demands of the consumer.

Mobi will be available to the general public in May 2018. If you would like to find out more please visit

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