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Thanks to you, Cryptoheroes!

by Julian · Published December 21, 2018 · Updated December 17, 2018
Dear NEMbers!
Today we would like to address all of you with the words of gratitude for your support of our charity project Cryptoheroes, which purpose was an acquisition of New Year’s gifts for patients of the rehabilitation children center for cancer “Dacha”.
In only ten days for which fund raising lasted, we collected more than 36,000 XEM (70,000 hryvnias), that is enough not only for acquisition of the planned gifts, but also for replenishment of fund of construction of own house for “Dacha”, so necessary for families of the children undergoing treatment for cancer. Funds are already transferred to managers and in the next few days the NEM Ukraine team will present gifts to children.
When we started this project, we didn’t expected, that NEMbers from all countries and regions will respond to our appeal. We were supported by Australia, Japan, Philippines, the USA, the EU countries, LATAM and many, many others … We saw unity of NEM community and readiness to support each other with own eyes.
We hope that Cryptoheroes project will become only one of a great number of similar and that eventually we will be able not only to help persons in need, but also to show to the whole world, that blockchain technology is able to eradicate the corruption and fraud, which struck so good industry as charity.

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